Class Structure & Guidelines

Each class is one hour. The breakdown of skills in each class (listed below) will help you determine where your child would benefit the most.  Pro-rated fees will be given to you if you register after the start date.  
 The Tumble Trak is used in all classes.

Class Descriptions:
Tumbling 1 will bring you back to the basics of all gymnastic skills.  This will in turn, improve your form in more advanced tumbling as well as work on flexibility. You should take Tumbling 1 if you have never tumbled before, or are still a beginner.  This level teaches forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridge kick overs and front walk overs.  We have this class for ALL ages.  

Tumbling 2 starts to focus on the next skill progressions up from Tumbling 1. You should take Tumbling 2 if you have been in a tumbling class before, and can do all the skills listed in Tumbling 1. This class will start from bridge kickovers, perfect walkovers, start back handsprings, and start linking together round off back handsprings. 

Tumbling 3 focuses on advanced tumbling and linking skills together for strong tumbling passes.  You should take Tumbling 3 if you can do all the skills in Tumbling 1 and 2. You also need to perform a back handspring and a round off back handspring with no spot at all.  This class will begin with multiple back handsprings, teaching back tucks, aerials, punch fronts and combination passes.                                                                           

Tumbling 4 focuses on advanced tumbling and linking more difficult skills together. You should take Tumbling 4 if you can do multiple back handsprings and a back handspring-back tuck with no spot. This class will start teaching layouts, halves and fulls. You must be approved by an instructor to be in this class.  This class is usually an hour and a half and the price varies a little from the other classes.

Tumbling 5 requires a layout and focuses on perfecting fulls and connecting elite tumbling passes.

"Cheer Basics" is a cheer class mainly for girls who would like to learn cheers, dances, jumps and tumbling each week.  This is a great class to introduce cheering to a beginner, or to help increase the level of a more experienced cheerleader.