Q. What age does TCH start at?

A. TCH starts at 4 years old for tumbling classes, and 4 years old for Tiny All Stars.

Q. Can I do a class just to learn a back handspring?

A. We understand that many kids want to learn a back handspring, but there are many skill progressions that need to be mastered before performing a back handspring alone.  Our instructors are trained to teach strength and skill progressions in order for the cheerleader to be able to bear the weight of her body when landing in the inverted handstand postion of the back handspring.  Please understand that shoulder and upper back flexablility is needed (bridges and bridge kick overs, walkovers) before a back handspring is taught.

Q. Can I cheer for my town and TCH?

A. From past experience, we have realized that the girls need to make a choice of either competing for their school/town OR all stars.  We encourage that they do their season cheering (for football or basketball) but they need to pick one team to compete on.  Competitions coincide, practices overlap, and it is not fair for the girls on both teams to have incomplete practices due to girls being on 2 teams.

Q. Will I be able to watch my child's class?

A. We do not permit parents in the gym during class, BUT we have large screen TV's that have real-time viewing of the gym in our upstairs and downstairs lobbies. 

Q. How do I know what tumbling level my child is?

A. You can check out the Tumbling Classes area of this site for a break down of what each class is, or you can always call us.